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Here's a list of some previous meals:

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> Avocado Poké Bowl

> Hearty Minestrone Soup

> Pineapple Fried Rice

> Spaghetti Lentil Bolognese   


When I was only a couple of years old my father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis’s (MS) and forced into an early retirement. My parents had just bought their first home and had the financial burden of a mortgage and two kids. My mom decided to pack up our car, leave our home and drive all the way across the country to run my grandfathers motel to support our family. She took care of my father as he became more and more sick, she ran the motel to make sure we would be okay, and she raised my brother and I to become wonderful young men.

We were raised differently than most kids. We never ate meat or fish and seldomly had dairy. We were eating organic before organic was even a thing. We would frequent Co-Op’s and farmers markets and would sprinkle nutritional yeast on our popcorn even when others looked in awe.

The way we approached food was anything but ordinary. I was suffering from chronic asthma that left me hospitalized on multiple occasions. My father’s MS was progressing and even the simplest of tasks were becoming challenging. We knew we had to do whatever it took to live a healthier life, even if it meant sacrificing the foods that we had once loved.

It was this deep understanding of food as a means of survival that led me to become so passionate about the way we eat. And this is coming from a kid that would turn purple gasping for a breath of air with tears rolling down his cheeks wondering if it would be his last.

Although food was a big part of my childhood I never let it define me. I was an athlete, I loved everything sports, my idea of a perfect day was at the stadium watching my favorite teams. I remember I was at a playoff game with my father and our team had just hit a last second buzzer beater to win game 5 and we were jumping up and down in our chairs filled with excitement and joy over what had just happened.

As I got older I sought normalcy because I felt as though I was raised alternatively. I was in a fraternity. I played collegiate sports. I was the vice president of my class. I was the definition of an All American. I was a guy’s guy. I was the type of person you would want to grab a beer with, even though I have now given up alcohol.

I don’t think anyone would have ever suspected that I ate differently. It wasn’t until I sat at the lunch table or in the cafeteria that I started to hear all the questions. Where do you get your protein? Haven’t you wondered what it tastes like? How do you stay full? I don’t think I ever even realized at the time that I was educating my friends through the way I was eating.

I lost touch with food after college. I was working long hours. I had just started a successful clothing business with my brother. I was living in Manhattan. The idea of a meal to me at that time was a one dollar slice of pizza and a blue gatorade. I called it my fuel without even knowing I was running on empty. The stress of the city started to wear on me. I had taken on a big role in my mom’s company while simultaneously opening five of my own stores. I was sleeping only a couple of hours a night, and that was if I was lucky. I started to lose hair, I had panic attacks, I felt lost and often without a purpose.

I moved to Los Angeles to escape the winter and start a new life. I lived with an old friend and met some of my new best friends. I started to look deeper into the impact that I really wanted to have on this world. I went back to my childhood searching for answers of who I really was and who I really am. There was always one thing that defined me through the course of my life, even if I often tried to hide it. The way I ate wasn’t normal, but it was me. I saw the power of it and what it did for my family and my father. I started to explore it further not knowing where it would lead me. I stopped ignoring who I was and started embracing it.

It was after I made this mental shift that by chance, by luck, or by the grace of God a collection of events occurred that would change my life forever and lead to the founding of the Produce Section Challenge.

The first was a man that helped me move. He was an older man, soft spoken, short in stature, that had recently arrived from Mexico. His hands were worn from hard labor. I noticed a growth on one of his fingers, but did not say anything out of respect. After we finished moving, I asked him if I could buy him lunch. He politely declined saying he doesn’t eat meat or dairy and it would be hard to find anything. He then proceeded to show me his hand and told me the growth had disabled him. It had paralyzed his fingers. He was no longer able to work as a carpenter and provide for his family so he moved to our country until he was well enough to go home. He saw a doctor that told him he had to stop eating meat and dairy if he ever wanted a chance to work again. So he gave it up and within months he regained feeling in his hand. He smiled and told me he missed carnitas, but that they would never mean as much as him being able to provide for his family.

The second was a woman who I ran into on an elevator while visiting my friend in the hospital after she had her appendix removed. I was in the cardiac wing going up to the third floor to take an overpass to her room. I had a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in my hand which my friend had requested. I was standing there waiting for the doors to close when a woman entered. She was a larger heavier set women with a smile so big she could light up any room. She was bubbling with excitement as the doors closed and she realized we shared something in common. She also was bringing ice cream for her friend. She had two McFlurries in her hands an Oreo and an M&M. She smiled at me, pointed to the ice cream in my hand and said great minds think alike. I laughed and told her it was a for a friend who had appendicitis. She told me hers were also for a friend who had a stroke. The doors opened. She walked off smiling. I stood there looking down at the ice cream in my hand and in that moment I knew I had to do something. Here was two good, kind, people trying to help their friends by bringing them foods they loved when in reality we were hurting them without even knowing it.

I went to the grocery store with my phone shortly after that on a mission to show people how affordable and accessible it could be to eat healthy. It was the first time in my life that I found my purpose, I found my passion and I found out how to help people. I filmed myself eating only out of the produce section every single day. I was relentless and determined, nothing could stop me. It didn’t matter if it was the middle of the night or early in the morning I was always there. I kept going, and going, and going and people started to follow me. They started to believe in me. They started to believe in themselves. I ended up on national television and the second that show aired, a movement was born. There are now hundreds of thousands of people that follow the Produce Section Challenge every single day. There are challengers in every state and almost every country. We are all united with a sole purpose to live a healthier and happier life through the food we eat.  

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